Gips aanmaken en dan met een trechter in een ballon gieten ballon opblazen knoop er in en gips ronddraaien in ballon, drogen en ballon eraf

Plaster eggshell - How to do: Create plaster - casting plaster with a funnel in a balloon -balloon blow up - button it - balloon spinning around with plaster in it - let it dry and get off the balloon

Slab project idea - have students think about what other things they could make with this technique besides fish

Fish wind chime by Lisa Sowers Finley separate with cork or bottle tops

Keramik-Schale Orient von Keramik-Werkelkeller auf

Keramik-Schale Orient groß (blauton)

Vogeltränke Eule Gartenkeramik Unikat Keramik