I Found My Life’s Path, Which Was A Splash Of Paint Away

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Architect Dale Hubbard designed a Boulder house marked by contemporary forms and rustic materials. The large-scale painting is by Ian Fisher, and the pendant is by Artemide.

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10 Effective DIY Wall Art Ideas

This is so smart! Turn a cheap shower curtain into a large, expensive-looking piece of wall art by stapling it to a homemade frame. Make the same in orange for my home :)) diy decoration idea

Watercolor mountain range

Watercolor mountain range It is interesting to look at and can see the use of opaqueness to create new tones and shapes.

Mitternacht-Gold Das Gemälde vereint stürmischen Mitternachtsblau mit extravaganten Blattgold, und das Ergebnis ist wunderschön! Dieses Stück ist in mehreren Größen erhältlich und ist vollständig versiegelt, um sicherzustellen, dass es seit Generationen wird! 8 x 10, 16 x 12, 20 x 16 bis 40 X30 Es wird ein Blickfang in jedem Raum sein. Ich hatte so viel Spaß gemacht dieses, und es ist bis zum letzten Generationen versiegelt! Wenden Sie sich bitte mit Fragen zu mir zu kommen! -Rachel * Sei...

Midnight Gold Gold Leaf Painting Modern Art Acrylic Painting Shabby Chic Artwork Blue and Gold Painting Navy Painting

DIY Abstract Art-A Coastal Look For Under $30 http://www.hometalk.com/3732864/diy-abstract-art-a-coastal-look-for-under-30?se=fol_new&tk=b3h3ym

DIY Abstract Art Paint canvas white with house paint Use MS colors Mist the paint to keep it wet Edge with iron-on veneer

201 6  - 1 5 0 x 1 2 0  cm - Mischtechnik auf Leinwand ,  abstrakte,  Kunst,    malerei, Leinwand, painting, abstract,          contemporar...

CHRISTIAN HETZEL This wall has a lot of texture to it, though it may only be painted on. It still seems like if you went up to it, it would feel like rusty paint falling away

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Love the artwork. I have a really dark and neutral colored living room, so I think these could be the answer to my woes of lightening the room up a little!

Femkeido Interior Design - Familiewoning Rotterdam

Femkeido Interior Design - Familiewoning Rotterdam