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Richmond Showroom | Archello

let-s-build-a-home: Richmond Showroom by Jackson Clements Burrows The folding glass façade references traditional ‘butchershop windows’ and provides an engaging street frontage.

Articles - ΔΙΠΛΩΜΑΤΙΚΕΣ - ΕΡΓΑΣΙΕΣ - Συμμετοχες 2013 - (132.13) Ανάπλαση, Αποκατάσταση Ανενεργού Λατομείου με χωροθέτηση χρήσεων Τουρισμού, Αναψυχής και Περιβαλλοντικής Εκπαίδευσης:

Reformation and rehabilitation of an inactive quarry, with spatial location of uses for Tourism, Recreation and Environmental Education

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Projects presented to the Rome Motorino Check Point International Architecture Competition for Students and Young Graduates Organized by ARCHmedium

Presidents Medals: The Bridge of Alchemy, Atlas Mountains, Morocco

President’s Medals Student Awards are considered the most prestigious and long-lasting awards in architectural education in the world.