Forget the slimy string . . . let kids use a water bottle to blow easy, giant bubbles!

make water bottle bubbles for kids who can't quite blow bubbles yet. I used Fiji water bottles. Kids were amazed that round bubbles came from square bottles

Futterhäuschen aus Saft- oder Milchkarton

15 Bird Feeder Crafts

Juice Carton Crafts: Owl Bird Feeder How simple, cute and fun! Could EASILY be a art project for my educator friends.

Gummy Bear Science (from Science for Kids)

Science for Kids: Gummy Bear Science. I'd keep the color of the gummy bear the same in each cup, though to ensure only one variable (even though the multi-colors look cooler).

These easy to use rubrics are created with a Marzano grading scale in mind. All you need to do is print the template, stick the post its, and print again. Have them stocked up in your drawer for your next assignment! Students will love the consistency this rubric can bring to your assignments and parents will love the posted grades! Teachers will love the convenience!

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Science Vocabulary Drawings

Science Vocabulary Solutions

Science Vocabulary Drawings This would be a great way for students to study in a fun manner. Student will be given science vocabulary and then create this word box, to study later on.