Baum: Unterarm und Hand als Stamm + Fingerabdrücke als Blätter

Posted on fb awhile ago; forgot to pin. Trace arm and hand for tree/branches, fingerprints for leaves. Can change colors for season.

Colorful Egg Carton Flowers for preschool spring craft

Egg Carton Flowers

Süße Idee! Hand/Fußabdruck

Hand-stole my heart, Foot- ran away with it. Hand/foot print artwork for Mother & Father's Day.

anstatt die Bilder aufzuhängen, scanne sie und bewahre sie in Büchern auf - das wird sie später mehr freuen.

Shutterfly book ~ scan kid's art work and make a book out of the pictures

OMG YES! I gotta do this! I mean, the kids! the kids gotaa do this ;)

Fun Art: Squirt Gun Painting With Kids

DIY Squirt Gun Painting Happy unofficial kick off to summer! What a fun way to combine two classic summer time activities outdoor painting and shooting squirt guns.

Love this idea!!!!!600067236e4446a7e4242ee25547cf8a.jpg 570×738 pixels

DIY Nursery Decor: Daddy Mommy and Me hand print. Directions: a frame with a CANVAS MAT Choose different paint colors for each hand-print Put hand prints on canvas Let them dry Add the date and put in a frame.

Jede Farbe, Liebe Handabdruck und Fußabdruck Leinwand-Kunst mit Drucken Kit, personalisiert, benutzerdefinierte handgemalt Andenken, 12 x 16"

Any Color, Love Handprint and Footprint Canvas Art with Print Kit, Personalized, Custom Handpainted Keepsake,

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