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One of the most beautiful cave system in the world: Caverns of Sonora in Texas.

I live so close to these caverns yet I still haven't visited. Definitely adding to my Texas Bucket List! One of the most beautiful cave system in the world, Caverns of Sonora in Texas, USA (by cavernsofsonora).

This is absolutely amazing!  I have to draw this one.  I'd like to sit in the top opening and look out at the ocean.

Sea Cave, Malta Sea caves or the Blue Grotto are located on the island of Filfla in Malta. These caves are popular for their beauty and their location when combined with the sunrise, leads to beautiful shades of blue in the water.

The Most Beautiful Caves In The World.

Waitomo Glowworm Cave in New Zealand is famous because It’s filled by worms that glow in the dark, Arachnocampa luminosa. This worm nests in the roof of the cave and hang like stars glowing on the roof of the cave.

Cave of Swallows, Aquismon Mexico. 2nd deepest cave in Mexico and 11th in the world. It has a freefall of 333 m from the floor of cave to the lowest side of opening, with a 370 m drop from highes side.

Neversink Pit- can't believe I'd never heard of this place until today! "Neversink pit is a limestone sinkhole in North Alabama. It’s one of the most-photographed sinkholes in the world because of its beautiful fern-covered ledges and waterfalls.

images of beautiful caves | One of the most beautiful caves in the world

Most Beautiful Caves in the World

images of beautiful caves | The Most Beautiful Caves in the World - Katala Khor Cave, Iran

Katala Khor Cave, Garmab, Zanjan Province The name, Katale khor, means "mount of Sun". Geological studies in 1984 showed that the cave formation dates back to the Jurassic period. It is believed that the cave joins to Ali Sadr Cave in Hamadan province.