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OMG Jeff the killer and the Japanese Smiling woman

aqua eyes arm holding artist name bangs black eyes black hair collarbone couple creepypasta crossover dated grey background hetero holding arm japanese clothes jeff the killer kuchisake-onna long hair looking at another open mouth original p

Poncho Human doesn't know what they've gotten into

Poncho Human doesn't know what they've gotten into<<*I am filled with confusion (update) I am now aware of "Poncho Human

TwT i want it so hard

(Brooke) But, Slendy u BEN will-(BEN) *blasts door open and tackles Slender off the bed* (Brooke) O,O. (BEN) *snuggled up to Brooke* (Brooke) *snuggles and stares at Slendy on the floor*


*Runs up and hugs* Toby: Why are you hugging me? Me: Because your so damn cute! Toby:*blush* Brandi: I can live with you! I can make waffles!