Recycled corks. Wicked idea for re-using any old corks and it a is great medium…

42 Gift Ideas For Kids to Make

Fall / Thanksgiving l Tree Cork painting with wine corks for the kids! Such a good way to reuse the wine corks!

Spiel aus Ästen und Konservendosen im Garten bilden

Hang coffee cans (or dollar store buckets) from tree at different levels, paint scores of 20 on lowest, 40 on next, then 100 on highest. Use small, handheld dry erase or chalkboards for scorekeeping.

Hummeln aus den kleinen Zapfen von Erlenbäumen - Eine supersüße Idee &…

Kindling: Sweet little alder bee craft - made these at Steiner group using yellow wool roving instead. Pinning to remind me to do it again

Light a Fire

fire dakota firehole: one of the safest, easiest and best self sustaining fire pit options.

Münchner Wochenanzeiger : Eine riesige Schaukel - im Wald ist dafür Platz genug. (Bild: ar)

Waldkindergärten - forest kindergarten - none of these is available to us now, but I'll research from here when it's time