More ideas from Timm
There's a great documentary on Netflix, "Fold" that has heightened my appreciation for the art of folding.

Serie of 4 pieces, working only with light and shadow. This work was created in an attempt to make a poster with an image without printing. Made by manually folding a paper of standard poster format x 85 cm), a composition is created of light and shad…

Folded metal kiosks by Make open like a paper fan

London architecture office Make Architects has designed two unique prefabricated kiosks inspired by the art of origami. The two kiosks were first introduced to the public as part of London's Canary Wharf Ice Sculpting Festival.

gerard-caris-geometric-folding-architecture.jpg (550×869)

Project: Study in Geometry- "Pentagonism" Designer: Gerard Caris Studies evolve from simple concept sketches and models to gradually considering the human inhabitant, transforming the concept into an actual work of architecture.

3D Felt facets

Felt facets, love the look of this. Maybe we could create a room divider or sculptural wall texture unit that have little shelves or storage cavities built in.