Under the Summer Sun

Outdoor entertaining recipes, seasonal décor inspiration and gardening tips to help you make the most of your time in the sunshine.
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two scoops of ice cream on a plate with pink umbrellas next to it
Strawberry Frozen Greek Yogurt | Sweet Paul Magazine
Fresh strawberries combined with creamy Greek yogurt transform into an irresistible frosty treat. It's not overly sweet and a little less decadent than ice cream!
a bowl filled with hummus next to some chips and vegetables on a blue and white plate
Roasted Garlic & Feta Hummus | Sweet Paul Magazine
Roasting the garlic gives this dip a smooth and mild garlic taste, which pairs well with grilled chicken. Homemade pita chips are so easy to make. Brush olive oil on whole pitas and grill in the oven until crispy. Then break up and serve.
a baked bread in a jar with pesto on top next to a coffee pot
Pesto Bread Baked in a Jar | Sweet Paul Magazine
So pretty and so tasty.... pure pesto perfection! For this recipe, you will need some ovenproof jars, like Weck jars or Mason jars. I usually serve 1 bread per person�you simply pull out pieces and eat.
there is a person that is looking at some bottles on the shelf in front of them
Passata: Tomato Puree for Cooking | Sweet Paul Magazine
I love passata! It's a fresh tomato puree that can be used for cooking. Can the puree to have that fresh tomato taste when tomatoes aren't in season!
lemon tea ganache macarons on a white plate with the title overlay
Lemon Tea Ganache Macarons | Sweet Paul Magazine
These light and airy little sweets are a perfect companion for your afternoon tea. Tart deliciousness in the most beautiful shape.
an eggplant dish on a plate with mushrooms and lemons in the background text reads warm mushroom salad with chilli - baked eggplant
Warm Mushroom and Lemon Salad with Chili-Baked Eggplant | Sweet Paul Magazine
Mushroom and lemon go really well together, and I love using Chinese eggplant for this dish, but you can totally use the regular kind.
a white table topped with a casserole dish filled with cranberry jam
Slow-Roasted Strawberry Jam | Sweet Paul Magazine
Slow-roasting the berries brings their flavor into a whole other level. This technique is also good for fruit that might be a little past its prime. This recipe comes from my friend China Squirrel in Australia.
an image of a pie that has been cut into pieces
Almond Custard & Fig Tart | Sweet Paul Magazine
Fresh figs have a very short season in early fall. This tart celebrates the simple sweet perfection of autumn's favorite fruit baked in a classic tart with an almond custard.
a bowl filled with ice cream and sliced fruit on top of it's side
Dairy-Free Maple-Sweetened Peach Pit "Ice Cream" | Sweet Paul Magazine
This NICE CREAM is the pits! In the best way possible of course. Peach pits give it a subtle almond flavor. And it's made with coconut milk so it's dairy-free! There's no white sugar either, it's sweetened with maple syrup.
there is a plate with some food on it and the words turment chai flan with coconut sweet paul
Turmeric & Ginger Chai-Coconut Flan | Sweet Paul Magazine
Rich and silky flan flavored with turmeric ginger chai concentrate and flaked coconut!
a close up of a pie on a plate with the words caramelized almond tart from portugal
Portuguese Caramelized Almond Tart | Sweet Paul Magazine
A classic Portuguese almond dessert full of sweet buttery goodness!
two slices of peach cake sitting on top of a glass platter with the words, super easy delicious peach cake
Just Simple Peach Cake
This simple peach cake recipe is perfect for breakfast, tea time or as an easy dessert. #peach #cake
1h 10m
three bowls of red soup with garnishes on the top and side dishes
Nancy Fuller's Basil Watermelon Bisque | Sweet Paul Magazine
This soup SINGS of summer! The recipe is from Nancy Fuller's Cookbook, Farmhouse Rules!
a basket filled with fried food next to two cups
Licorice-Dusted Churros | Sweet Paul Magazine
Churros dusted with licorice! In Scandinavia, we love our licorice, so why not on a churro? It’s delicious. You can find licorice powder online or in specialty stores. Just remember, a little licorice goes a long way.
garlic and leek soup in bowls with bread on the side
Roasted Garlic & Leek Soup | Sweet Paul Magazine
An easy and delicious vegetable soup for any time of day!