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▶ JustBounce 20 Minutes Indoors Training from Remy Draaijer - YouTube

Welcome to the bellicon channel, featuring the most enjoyable rebounder in the world! The bellicon is 'Made in Germany' and 'Assembled in the US'. bellicon r.

45 minute zumba video.  For, you know, when nobody is around to judge my flat ass and HORRIBLE dancing.

40 Minute Zumba Class- great example of cardio endurance because your are dancing at a vigorous pace for a long period of time, allowing your heart and lungs to work in order to send oxygen and fuel throughout your body.

Fat-Burning Mambo Dance Workout: Dancing With The Stars

Fat-Burning Mambo Dance Workout from "Dancing With The Stars". Cuban-based cardio dance routine that utilizes Mambo and Salsa dance steps in order to jumpstart the metabolism, burn fat, and tone the entire body for effective waist-slimming results.