Book Igloo

Book Igloo - Home is a recent sculptural installation by Colombian artist Miler Lagos. The piece was constructed at MagnanMetz Gallery late last year using carefully stacked books to create a compact dome that is entirely self-supporting.

"Panic Room" by Tilt

The Half Graffiti Hotel Room Imagine walking into your hotel room and experiencing this! Artist Tilt has created Panic Room inside the Au Vieux Panier hotel in Marseille, France. The unique hotel has.

Street Art Game Boy. It's a utility box in Nordhausen, Germany. Photo by Kevin Vetters.

Kevin Vetters photographed this awesome utility box in the town of Nordhausen located in central Germany which had been cleverly stenciled to resemble an original Nintendo Game Boy, or rather, if you.

Snow Art

Snow Drawings, Rabbit Ears Pass, CO, Sunday Jan. 29, 2012

Artwork by Sonja Hinrichsen Snow Drawings, Rabbit Ears Pass, CO, Sunday Jan.

Lego bridge

A great project by MEGX turning a dull bridge into Lego bricks, a total width of 250 square meters, it's a wonderful and creative project.

Hyperrealistic Beached Whale

Hyperrealistic Beached Whale Shocks London

Realistic Beached Whale Installation in London A life-sized beached whale art installation by the Belgian collective Captain Boomer

Hand-Knitted Food by Jessica Dance and David Sykes

Hand-Knitted Food by Jessica Dance and David Sykes

Felice Varini

Felice Varini is a Swiss based abstract painter, since 30 years, he has created many great anamorphic art that create an optical illusion when viewed at a.

Giant Hedgehog

Giant Hedgehog Marks Launch Of Sir David Attenborough Series 'Natural Curiosities'



LifeSize Origami Elephant Folded From a Single Giant Piece of Paper by Sipho Mabona

March 2014 ☞ Craft, Sculpture ☞ A Life-Size Origami Elephant folded from a single piece of paper. “Professional origami artist Sipho Mabona has created a huge, life-sized elephant with just one sheet of.

Creepy bicycle seats sculptures by Clem Chen

clem chen inserts taxidermy molds into bike seat sculptures-designboom