Garden and Flora

Like the idea of the ladders in the yard! I just love ladders everywhere around the house lol :)

The Little Corner

Buckets of plums to eat fresh or preserve as jam and spiced sauce. Some are also frozen to use for winter desserts.


Similiar to my outdoor dining set- Bill and Giuliana Rancic decorate their poolside patio dining area with classic blue and white tableware - Traditional Home® / Photo: Michael Garland / Design: Lonni Paul

This site is just my way of keeping all the things I find beautiful together in one place. Feel free to browse and enjoy!

Aiken House & Gardens

Pretty porch - blue wicker, bucket of cut lilacs, geraniums, birdhouse - Aiken House & Gardens

I'm so going to do this in the spring... only with a less flamboyant chair

Chair Planters

15 Recycled chair ideas - Don't dispose old chairs. From old chairs can be made interesting, unusual items such as shelves for wall hangers for clothes, benches, decorative objects etc.

hen and chick chair

Replace the upholstery of an old armchair with a gorgeous moss and ground cover bed. The plants grow happily both horizontally or vertically. Painting the chair frame is also a great idea. I love this idea, very awesome upcycled design!

Lighted clay pots in the garden

terra cotta pots painted w/pale color on the inside + sand + votive candle = patio lights

Villa ✪ Vanilla

Garden Stripes {Love that bench - thinking about all the stuff I could store in there!