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These 25 medium length hairstyles for women are so pretty, youll want to copy all of them! There are styles for thick hair, with bangs and without, curly hair, for work or for the weekend. Most of these are fairly easy to achieve. Just show your stylist

Pony Frisuren - 30 Beispiele für ein modisches Haarstyling

10 Layered Bangs Hairstyles: Here are 10 handpicked layered hairstyles with bangs that can give you the desired look. by AislingH

I know a haircut like this won't turn me magically into Alexis Bledel, but...

Alexis Gilmore (Mary Sue)

Alexis Gilmore was a Mary Sue in the BBC Sherlock fandom slain by Agents Eledhwen and.

This quiz is fun and hilarious. I got High School Book Nerd Rory. If you love Gilmore Girls, give this quiz a try.

Which Rory Gilmore Are You?

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