Classic meets Glam

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a close up of a person holding a cake
an old fashioned phone sitting on top of a table
a woman is standing in front of a piano with flowers on the floor and holding a bouquet
Bridal Shooting
Black & White Wedding Idea
a woman in a white dress holding a bouquet of flowers
First Look Classy Wedding
the table is set with white chairs and flowers in vases on top of them
All White Table Inspo Wedding
Blumenarrangment weiße Florale Tischdeko Hochzeit
a bride and groom are dancing on the dance floor in front of their wedding guests
2022 Wedding Trends to Take Inspiration From - Grand Rapids Bride
white flowers and candles are arranged on the table for a formal dinner or wedding reception
Sadie's Floral - Heather Joy Photography
a bride and groom pose for a photo in front of the neon sign at their wedding reception
Ashley Creative Weddings & Events - A Luxe Las Vegas Wedding at Red Rock Casino