design lamp furniture minimal white wood living room

Miksei? (moderni puutalo)

Balance tv stand w/tall lamp Easily done - you could use Ikea Besta units topped with a timber top or kitchen bench top

bathroom tiles (via ) - for more inspiration visit

bathroom tiles (Nordic leaves)

Light grey tile floor running behind bath; then right side exposed brick painted white + chunky wooden shelves above hidden cistern displaying plants & hand towels; left side feature wall of dark grey with zuster cabinet

Minimalist bathroom design with textured walls from FCP Ceramics - great matching of colour & texture

Minimalist bathroom design with textured walls from FCP Ceramics - great matching of colour & texture. The bathroom uses a range of texture walls. These make a natural colour room have texture within them and therefore are more interesting.

walk-in closet. Shelving to the roof

Real Estate for $2.7 Million

Three Parts House / Architects EAT

Three Parts House / Architects EAT

Marcio Kogan. Love this! Looks like the stairs are floating! :)

Zen Sanctuary Design Beach Home by Marcio Kogan, 5 suite on second floor with natural hard wood floors and views of Praia da Feiticeira, Ilhabela, SP

Floating staircase. looks really cool. i dont think it would work with my decore and style but i think its really neat to look at. great conversation piece for sure.

Now these are floating stairs! Stairs in prefabricated house outside Stockholm by Swedish architecture firm Claesson Koivisto Rune.

Unlike most modern stairs [that look stark and cold] the beautiful oak used lends charm, warmth and elegance.

Stairs are not only a functional component of the house but also a design element. These 25 stair design ideas will brighten up your home and add style.

Garcias’ House / Warm Architects © Wacho Espinosa

Garcias House / Warm Architects

77b75ae320f9d9675f14954d77ccea76.jpg 640×676 Pixel

77b75ae320f9d9675f14954d77ccea76.jpg 640×676 Pixel