What do you do when your recipe calls for grams, but you only have measuring cups? How do you measure a pinch? Use our free downloadable guide to make sure you're converting measurements perfectly every time.

Here are some handy conversions, from F to C, from cups to teaspoons and tablespoons, and from metric to standard American. If you can't find this chart when you need it, you can also put the conversi(Easy Cake To Make)

#Appetizers just like the ones Amy made for Jessie's bridal #shower. She drizzled high-end #Balsamic Vinegar over her tomato-mozzarella-basil skewers. Make these for the Usborne Books & More Team Leader Luncheon. www.UsborneNow.com

Appetizers for my bridal shower because my bridesmaid dresses are you my to be different colors like the fruit kabobs. She drizzled high-end Balsamic Vinegar over her tomato-mozzarella-basil skewers.


"Lunchtip: Salade Caprese [Lunchtip: Caprese Salad]" -- Recipe is in Dutch, but machine-translates well. I'm really liking the concept of adding toasted pine nuts to the more typical basic ingredients!

Double Chocolate Valetine's Cupcakes (with easy heart toppers) - by Glorious Treats

Chocolate Valentine's Heart Cupcakes

Chocolate Valentine’s Heart Cupcakes Double Chocolate Valetine's Cupcakes (with easy heart toppers) - by Glorious Treats

Kleine Melonenkugeln zum naschen zwischendurch. #Urlaub #Zuhause #Melone #Obst #Frisch #Snack  >> Little melon balls in a lime: the cutest little appetizers ever (and healthy!)

10 oogstrelende, gezonde traktaties voor op feestjes

Melon balls in lemon or lime skins. you could make lemon-lime aid so the inside doesnt go to waste

Christmas Cupcakes Visit www.sealedbysanta.com for your letter from santa!

another version of santa belly cupcakes, as seen here on cc. wasc cupcakes with left over icing (hehe)

Marshmallow op een stokje

Chocolate Covered Marshmallow Sticks

Dazzling Sprinkled Marshmallow Pops - These candy-coated marshmallow pops offer an impressive array of textures and color, thanks to assorted Wilton Sprinkles!

Hugo-Sommerbowle: Zutaten für 8-10 Gläser : 500 g frische Erdbeeren 2 Bio-Limetten 175 ml kalten Holunderblütensirup 4 EL Limettensaft 8-10 kleine Stiele Minze 500 ml schön kaltes und kohlensäurehaltiges Mineralwasser 1 Flasche schön kalter trockener Sekt/Prosecco

Lieblingsdrink: Sommer-Bowle à la Hugo

German summer drink called "Hugo" Mint, champagne, strawberrys (optional) lemonand and elderberry.