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That’s serious talent…
mittenimwald. wall that's located St Pauli, Hamburg
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Geld sparen im Urlaub leicht gemacht. Der ultimative Urlaubs-Guide. via @kraftpuls
30 Wege zum Glück
BONUS: It only felt right to use this picture right off the bat for Mr. Statham. I say that because I literally see it everywhere! And, for good reason, the man is ripped! I've noticed that I saved some of these legends like Statham, Hugh Jackman, Terry Crews, Brad Pitt, and a bunch of other (Wesley Snipes, Wahlberg, Damon, Diesel... etc. etc.) studs, for a bit late in the game. Thinking about it a bit more, I think it's because they're quite intimidating. I need to do them justic...
Para ir derechito al gym...
Have you ever wondered what the absolute best muscle-building movements for your chest are? Wonder no more! Here are our top 10 pec-building picks.