street art

German Mentalgassi creative group of artists from Berlin. Specializes in street art. Above clever examples are photos of public recycling bins, ticket validating machines, and public walls.

cat's wig

Australian photographer Jonathan May works in the genres of photojournalism and advertising.

big window

Could get a truck that could handle the load and do something like this temporarily until I can build the trailer house. Sustainability on Wheels: Campers and the Tiny House Movement .

muuuy bueno

nyctaeus: “ Dana Wsye, ‘Pills & Remedies’, from the series ‘Jesus Had A Sister Productions’, Canadian artist creates fictitious pharmaceutical company that uses retro and kitsch imagery to sell cures and remedies that aim to dissect.



let's jump!

This makes for a tricky trampoline jump, on the other hand you know where to find them come hunting season


Putting the Size of a Whale in Perspective! Roughly the size of a basketball court, the blue whale is the largest mammal known to have ever existed. Little did this kite surfer know the creature swimming just beneath him!


It's a thneed! The idea is to provide the user "privacy, warmth, and concentration" when using a laptop in public spaces. I am laughing myself silly here. While you have all the privacy you need everything you own except your laptop will be stolen.


a idiot dumb stupid people 170000 There's billion people in the world and some are just plain stupid photos)

nice truck

nice truck