~ #TheCranberryBarn

Words of wisdom and truth: Never blame anyone in your Life. Good people give you Happiness. Bad people give you Experience. Worst people give you a Lesson & Best people give you memories.


I am a quality time person.from the 5 love languages by: Gary Chapman. Time is precious when you give it as a gift it's just that.a true gift.

Schließe ab, mit dem was war. Swi glücklich, über das was ist. Bleibe offen, für das was kommt. Das Leben ist schön. Von einfach war nie die Rede.

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Manchmal ist nicht die Frage, mit wem es dir gut geht, sondern ohne wen es dir besser geht.

Sometimes the question isn't with whom you are happy, but without whom you feel better.


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atmen, verzrauen, loslassen...

"You don't always need a plan, sometimes you need only breath, have faith, let go, and watch what happens.