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some green berries and leaves on a wooden table
Eucalyptus Seed Pods - nature photography
Garden by the sea - Photography blog by Lupen Grainne: Eucalyptus Seed Pods - nature photography
some nuts are sitting on a wooden table and one is broken in half, the other has been peeled
an animal's head mounted on the wall with horns and claws attached to it
Macro Photos Reveal the Hidden Beauty of Seeds
some kind of mushroom sitting on top of a wooden table next to it's seeds
a close up view of some sort of plant with lots of dirt on it's petals
Seed Pod
a close up of two flowers on a black surface with one flower bud still attached
Gum nut babies by Charles McKean | Redbubble
some very pretty looking flowers in a vase
a close up of a flower on a white table with a wall in the background
an image of a forest scene with stairs leading to a door in the middle of the woods
"The Secret Door" Poster for Sale by Angie Latham