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a clock made to look like a human head with various clocks on it's sides
Аlcohol bottle with a glass in the shape of a pirate-style skull
an intricately designed clock on a wooden table
an intricately designed clock is shown against a gray background
an old fashioned clock with three tubes attached to it's sides and two lights on each side
the pipes and valves are connected to each other
Steampunk Industrial Lamp, Vintage Oiler & Green Shade #1074
an antique microscope on display in a museum
a black couch sitting inside of a room next to a clock on the wall and windows
A Steampunk Room with a Comfy Sofa Bed
A high-ceiling steampunk-style room with a comfortable leather sofa bed. This is an AI artwork created by using Midjourney.
an old industrial building with pipes and piping in the ceiling that is very large
Tubes and pipes II by hakkat on DeviantArt
an intricately designed table top in gold and black
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Steampunk Astrolabe Orrery Table by dchan on DeviantArt