Nasstassja Braunsdorf

Nasstassja Braunsdorf

Nasstassja Braunsdorf
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ADOPTED Yukino, She loves the snow and has created her own power to create snowflakes. She has a cousin who was able to do the same, and they created great havoc. So when her parents found out they immediately tried to get rid of her when a neighbor to

Weiß Schnee

I never realized how similar Svorra and Weiss from RWBY are.O Both have white hair, a scar, and are skilled with weapons. Anime girl with snow. White hair, and blue eyes

Toll der Hintergrund ! Und einfach süß das Mädchen mit dem fliegenden Fisch

She likes to draw and help people yet stays in secluded areas. She has some magic which she only uses for good and her specialty happens to be anything that has to do with stone or anything else earth. She loves nature and strives to protect it if