Satz von 4 Avocado Aquarell-Grafik von AnellHappyWatercolor

Set of 4 Avocado watercolor Prints - Painting - illustration - Avocado Wall decor - Sweet Fashion print - Fruit Food Kitchen prints This giclee fine art print of my watercolor painting is professionally printed professional pigment inks on watercolor pap

win The Best Of French Street Artist DRAN Or, really, the “worst.” He’s at his best when he’s depressingly morbid. posted on Oct. 9, 2012, at 1:41 p.m. copyranter BuzzFeed Staff 1.Shut-up, you overly-optimistic cricket. The Best Of French Street Artist DRAN

Meet Dran, the amazing street artist who has been called the French Banksy. From poverty to environmental destruction, Dran takes on contemporary civilization through his fantastic art.

Graffitti I hope the people that do this kind of thing are also doing their art in other places and being paid for it because some of it is just fantastic

Street Art by Przemek Blejzyk aka Sainer

Przemek Blejzyk, aka Sainer, is a talented artist from Poland who works with a variety of media, but we’re particularly thrilled by his urban creations, large and small.

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three koi by jasmine ray Something like this on the right batik fabric, embroider fish, maybe salmon (Watercolour inspired by Japanese Art)

Banksy Flower Bomber, street art, vintage dictionary page book art print

Banksy Flower Bomber art print Print of acclaimed street artist Banksy, thought provoking and powerful. These unique and original artwork are printed on authentic vintage early dictionary paper

Heavy blackwork rose by Eric Stricker

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In the absence of peace and love we teach war and hate as an escape from the problems we are too lazy to solve

This is so true, there are so many problems in the world, and the government seems to only focus creating wars. "In the absence of peace and love we teach war and hate as an escape from the problems we are too lazy to solve.

Dieser Shop-Eintrag ist für eine signierte und verfilzt open-Edition-Print von einem original Acrylbild in meiner Koi-Fische-Serie. Die Bildgröße beträgt etwa 8 x 10. Es kommt gedruckten--von mir, auf meine eigene Spezifikationen--Fotopapier satiniert, und ist mit einem weichen weißen Archivierung Matboard auf eine fertige Größe von 11 x 14 maskiert. Es auch säurefreie archival Unterstützung umfasst, und kommt komplett fertig sicher in einen Standard-Größe-Rahmen montiert werden. Keine…

Swirling Koi V, signed and matted print of original acrylic painting by Eden Bachelder, goldfish, Pisces