Inka Bause vor dem Palast der Republik. 1985 | Foto: Günter Gueffroy

Typical sexy girl from the Inka Bause in front of the Palace of the Republic in

Ost-Berlin 1970   EINKAUF LOHNT SICH  Klaus Morgenstern

Young women in front of „Centrum Warenhaus“ in East Berlin. The sign in the back ready „Einkauf lohnt sich“ (It‘s worth buying)

bell bottom fashions,1974--mine were plaid

women fashion style is mainly characterized with sleek and sharp outfits, which include bell-bottom pants and fitted outfits in earthy tone


Modegeschichte: Schon vergessen? So schick war die DDR - Bilder & Fotos - WELT

A young mother and her daughter at Berlin Alexanderplatz, East Germany,

Remembering 1972: 30 Pop Culture Highlights From A Glorious Year - Maxi dresses, mini skirts, knee socks and patterns happened in a big way.

30 Reasons To Remember The Year 1972

DDR mode 80er.jpg (666×1000)

DDR mode 80er.jpg (666×1000)