Natili Rosa Schweinchen

Natili Rosa Schweinchen

Natili Rosa Schweinchen
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#starwars (I laugh outloud EVERY time I see this)

Oh, another bloody Star Wars T-shirt I'm going to have to buy. Ever had a cat bring home a dead thing that it wanted you to have? That's the inspiration behind this shirt, called Cat-At Loves You. Available on Red Bubble.

vintage! Bulma & Goku #dbz #anime

Details of the last illustration thet I did based on Dragon Ball. I´m very happy with these Goku and Bulma, had to take a lot of documentation for . Son Goku and Bulma

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I know this is from Dead Space, but it reminds me of the astronauts taken by the Vashta Nerada in the Doctor Who episode "Silence in the Library." ---- The Astronaut by ~Devin-Francisco on deviantART