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Nathalia Holmes

Bin ein Fan von: Sherlock Holmes, Warrior Cats, Detektiv Conan, Pokemon, vielen Krimiserien, Fantasy Büchern, Romanen aller Art (außer reiner Romantik), Sci-Fi,
Nathalia Holmes
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Comment here with your favorite BBC Sherlock quote!<<"I don't like not knowing" which is also a doctor who quote so yea its pretty much my life motto^-^

!!!!!! <<< Either someone did really good trolling or holy fucking shit the countries are real.

Holy shit>>>> If this is fake I will cry, but for now in my innocence I shall be screaming, thankyou<<<Headcanon that Hima has met the nations and works with them to make hetalia

Polandball dawwwwww such a sad propagandaaaaa <<<< Welp.

Brexit was a stupid move -Tsun

tumblr_n9m87jjfUW1sl5omto1_500.gif 500×281 pixels <<< I don't ship it…

pixels <<< I don't ship it but it's supes cute <<< awww poor Prussia XD he's so cute <<<< Cockblocked by a fairy XDDD that's adorable, though. Maybe next time, Gil!

OMG GERMANY KNOWS HOW TO DRAW MANGA WHAT AM I GOING TO DO WITH THIS INFOMATION<<<Do you know a few german manga they are good, I personally like Personal Paradise the most

Italy drawn by Germany! Lol, and his curl making a heart, so adorable. <<< dining Chibitalia show HRE a book on drawing?

And now... Imagine Germany naming his son Gilbert. Just because

This is one of the saddest Headcanon about Prussia )and Germany) ever T-T<<< that is sad I hug Prussia

We need more Prussia/Italy interaction in the anime. Perhaps canon PruIta for season 6? <<< What are the other reasons though? CAN SOMEBODY PLEASE SAY IT!?

We need more Prussia/Italy interaction in the anime. Perhaps canon PruIta for season about canon Gerita?

Nantsu no taizai

If you were to get a sin tattoo from Nantsu no taizai (The Seven Deadly Sins) what would it be?