Neil Beecroft

Neil Beecroft

Life is so short!Never complain!
Neil Beecroft
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The Only 10 Slides Needed When Pitching Your Business (Infographic)

The 10 slides needed for any pitch - guy kawasaki viai The purpose of a pitch is to stimulate interest, not to cover every aspect of your startup and bludgeon you audience into submission. This infographic

Startup Launch Checklist: 22 Steps to Success #infographic #Startup #Business

startup infographic & chart Startup Business Checklist: 22 Steps to a Successful Launch Infographic Description Startup Business Checklist: 22 Steps to a S

The Dome House near Polzeath is available to rent through Cornish Horizons

The Dome House - Self-Catering 4 Star Accommodation in Polzeath / Rock, Cornwall - Cornish Horizons

Sustainable Domes - Geodesic Dome - Aquaponics Domes :: Home

The Benefits of Geodesic Dome Homes. Geodesic domes were popularized by Robert Buckminister Fuller (simply Bucky) who hoped to save the world. Indeed geodesic domes save the world of limiting thoughts in terms of housing and basic