Chocolate Filled Raspberries

Chocolate Filled Raspberries make a delicious, guilt-free sweet treat. Get this family favorite chocolate filled raspberries recipe. Ready in minutes.

Adorable banana penguin snack.   #diy #foodart #penguin

Wonderful DIY Adorable Banana Penguin Snack

Fun sandwiches for kids

Food idea for ADHD kids, totally! Sandwiches with super cute faces. : ) so much fun - add the ingredients to the lunchbox and let the kids make the funny faces - great way to teach children to enjoy fresh food.

Käsekuchen mit Vanillequark und Beerenkonfitüre.

Landfrauen Käsekuchen mit Vanillequark und Beerenkonfitüre

Landfrauen Käsekuchen mit Vanillequark und Beerenkonfitüre ((In German, will need to translate the recipe to use it, but it looks like Riwel Kuchen Cheesecake!

Found it! I’d been looking for this pin for ages, the recipe is awesome. Stuffed green peppers with brown rice, italian sausage and parmesan. Stuffed Peppers

Stuffed Green Peppers with Brown Rice, Italian Sausage, and Parmesan - Makes 4 Large Stuffed Peppers, Great Dinner Recipe! (Easy Meal With Ground Beef Low Carb)

Banana strawberry train

Funny Food Teaches Parents to Get Creative With Breakfast - Fork in the Road

Wer Hugo mag, wird diese Hugo-Torte lieben. Ein crunchiger Boden und eine feine Creme, verfeinert mit Holunderblüten und Prosecco - das sommerliche Rezept.

Hugo-Torte: Sommerkuchen mit Schwips