Dicke Brocken für den Garten. Cool!

Welcome, my name is Brooke Kroeger and can easliy say I live my life in a garden. I just love beautiful things. I am an avid gardener and collect vintage roses and cottage style flowers.

beet mit steinen|baukastensysteme – nowaday garden, Best garten ideen

Use different size squares in different heights for planting vegetables

Pebble mosaics

Pebble mosaics

Single Medium Garden Totem Garden Sculpture Colorful von LisaFrick

Garden Totem, Garden Art, Garden Sculpture, Sculptural Totem, Yard Art, Colorful Totem, Lawn Art, Single Medium Totem

Single Medium Garden Totem Garden Sculpture Colorful by LisaFrick

Manchmal sieht man Dinge im Garten, von denen man denkt: Das muss ja wohl von einem professionellen Betrieb hergestellt worden sein und eine Menge Geld gekostet haben. Mit ein wenig Geschick und Kreativität können Sie jedoch oft ein günstiges und wunderschönes Objekt für Ihren Garten bauen. Wie wäre es zum Beispiel mit solch einer schönen …

Tree outside circle with 3 balls inside Für den Vorgarten

Mein bunter Garten | TOPP Bastelbücher online kaufen

Mein bunter Garten

Mein bunter Garten | TOPP Bastelbücher online kaufen

Natural Stone raised bed:  "This raised bed is edged with irregular sized granite."

Natural Stone raised bed: "This raised bed is edged with irregular sized granite.

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Wie kann man seine Vorgartengestaltung modern kreieren

Mosaic Garden Path - Although an ancient form of art, mosaics are still immensely popular today.They’re a great DIY project, with the design only limited by your imagination. What sort of mosaic would you like?

Easy walkway idea

27 Easy and Cheap Walkway Ideas for Your Garden

Beach stones and decorative pebbles are wonderful materials that beautify backyard landscaping ideas and create unique garden path designs

Pebble mosaics, which utilize naturally rounded stones in various colors to create patterns and images.

Pebble mosaic walkways are a fresh paving option for permeable walking surfaces.

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Rustic Ladder By Jean Mi Photo: This Photo was uploaded by sangaree_KS. Find other Rustic Ladder By Jean Mi pictures and photos or upload your own with .

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Hopscotch Stepping Stones - because kids live in the back yard too! I need to do this in my kids play area!

I like the large boulders and integrated drought tolerant plantings. I like the individual plantings versus mass clumps of plantings. I like the variety of colors. I like the shapes.

Backyard Boulders, drought tolerant plantings, LOVE all these boulders! I could definitely see using this many in the back yard landscaping, camouflaging a privacy fence, if needed.

Willy Wonka / Candy Land inspired garden path.

colorful garden path - cool idea for kids garden ideas,Gardening,Kids,yard,

have seen this kind of thing at different ranches where I grew up - always thought it was cool

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