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101 Inspirational and Motivational Quotes About Life - If you enjoy reading warm heart felt life changing inspirational quotes, you will enjoy this list.

Zerbomben für den Frieden ist wie ficken für Jungfräulichkeit

War for peace - I have never heard anything so ridiculous, hypocritical and contradictory in all of my life! Can't we just stop fighting? That will bring peace, won't it?

Eine Hütte, in der man lacht..

A shack filled with laughter is worth more than a palace filled with tears.


"We buy shit we don't need with money we have to impress people we don't like." quote taken from fight club

Wrapping for beginners... great tutorials for new wrappers! #babywearing woven wraps

So you’ve taken the plunge and purchased your first woven wrap… now what? There are so many different ways to carry your baby with a woven wrap.