Lena Hoschek Dirndl Design, traditional costumes Austria

Lena Hoschek Dirndl I want to learn how to do those little triangle bust inserts, not having to buy another pattern would be nice.

Dirndl traditional dress, Germany

Lena Hoschek Tradition Autumn Winter 2013/14

Lena Hoschek Tradition - Herbst/Winter 2012 (Fotos: LUPISPUMA Fine Photography)

The Lovely Side: 10 Darling Dirndls- when drinking at Oktoberfest, who doesn't need an old fashioned outfit?

Lena Hoschek Tradition S/S15 "Dirndl Flora" www.lenahoschek.com

Dirndl Outfit - Bavarian/Austrian Traditional Female Peasant Clothing during the and Centuries. Later the Austrian upper classes adopted the dirndl as high fashion in the