When I stumbled upon the 52 week savings plans, I was hooked. It looked like a fun (and easy) way to save cash. We go on a couple of trips a year, so I use this method to save for them. I’ve been doing it for two years now, and it’s been working out well.(...)

yearly weekly savings plan Found this other plan for those on a tighter budget, or also good for teenagers.

DIY-Anleitung: Kleine Sterne für Deine diesjährige Weihnachtsdeko häkeln / DIY tutorial: crocheting small stars as your christmas decor via DaWanda.com

DIY-Anleitung: Dekorative Sterne häkeln via DaWanda.com

Nobody Wants to Have Stinky Feet: 13 Ways to Keep Shoe Odor at Bay

Nobody Wants to Have Stinky Feet: 13 Ways to Keep Shoe Odor at Bay

Sweaty feet are just a part of summer, but stinky shoes can be left behind. If you struggle with battling embarrassing shoe odor, fear no longer.

cerveza ramo

14 Ramos que puedes regalarle a tu novio

Valentine's Gift for Men - Beer Bouquet "Beerquet" Hot glue dowel rods to beer bottles & secure with ribbon. Hot glue fake flowers onto bottom of beer bottles. Put floral foam in bottom of pail. Stick dowels into the floral foam to secur

Rotwein Glas Halter trinken Station. perfekt von UniqueSolutionz

Wine Glass Holder, beverage dock.- perfect for a gift. Smartphone Dock/Speaker / Wine Glass, bottle holder works w/ iPhone 6s and 6s plus 6+

The Beverage Dock - perfect for a gift. Smartphone Dock/Speaker and Wine Glass, Beer Bottle, Cup holder.

Dreieckstisch Dvinus - S von Ciclus

dvinus - Dvinus Collection creator and Spanish designer Tati Guimaraes focuses her design portfolio for Ciclus EcoDesign on wine tasting. Guimaraes’s .

Backmischung für Bier Brot

Backmischung im Glas: Bier-Brot