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NJG1 Nachtjagdgeschwader 1

The Military Place for military artwork and bullion embroidered military patches.

Interesting shot of a 88

anti-aircraft gun with marks of victories.Shot down 27 aircraft, and 9 units of light and heavy armour. 11 times the weapon was engaged in support of infantry attacks. Destroyed 6 long-term weapon emplacements of the opponent.

A German Heinkel He-111 bomber

Good shot of a Heinkel 111 crew - by late autumn 1940 they were shifting to indiscriminate night attacks on London and 'The Blitz' had begun. Other cities also suffered, Coventry worst of all.

[Photo] German He 111 bombers flying in formation, date unknown

42 Stunning Photos of the Battle of Britain! German Heinkel He which went into service in Some 6000 Heinkel He were built but were found to be a poor match for Hurricanes and Spitfires during the Battle of Britain.