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Connected commerce today..

(April 23 Connected Commerce – A Snapshot of the Modern Shopper. DigitasLBi reveals new shoppers behavioural global survey and unveils major trends for Belgium market.


" Nicaragua"- floating palm trees photo by Markus Renner, Austria

Bees and honey

Lets learn something new today. Selection of interesting science facts and photos. You might also like: Interesting Facts About Science pics) Lets learn something new today.

Beer vs. Coffee

The science behind why after drinking beer you act the way you act and why after having coffee you feel energized!

Coffee comsumption

Pros & Cons of Coffee Consumption Infographic. Most people just think of the energy aspect, but when you go to and start adding all sorts of cream and syrup there are major added calories, sugar, and fat! Keep it simple and actually enjoy the part.