Crouching Kitten iPhone Plug

Cute Crouching Kitten iPhone Plug Phone by CocoonByWL. , via Etsy.

The Oculus Rift 'Crystal Cove' prototype. Replace TV monitors through virtual reality

The Oculus Rift 'Crystal Cove' prototype is 2014's Best of CES winner

Virtual Reality Coming Soon! --> Oculus VR is opening pre-orders for their Rift Development Kit The Oculus Rift 'Crystal Cove' prototype is Best of CES winner.

Whooz is yours? by sativa turner —

Whooz are identification labels that help iDevice owners avoid cord confusion.

Nest, thermostat, mobile app. Control heating via mobile if you´re not home,

Nest thermostat - learns your temp preferences and automatically starts changing the temperature according to your habits and daily routines. You can also adjust your temperature anytime you are away via your smart phone or computer.

Karotz, nabaztag

This is our Build Bunny, checking on every build we make whether it fails or not. Also great for annoying colleagues or talking to them using the cloud. Be sure to order the pink ears with it, you can program him to do almost anything!


Mimobot Yoda USB Flash Drive: The last remaining Jedi master, joining The Empire Strikes Back-themed Star Wars MIMOBOT Series Yoda is. Protect your data, he can.

In air from see space, interface like in minority report

Nam Do, Dale Herigstad, A-M Roussel is raising funds for SeeSpace InAiR: The World's Augmented Television on Kickstarter! InAiR turns your TV into a Minority Report-like experience, with layers of Web content, inline with the programs you're watching.

Tesla Motors | electronic car

Tesla Motors | electronic car

Mad Catz Mobile Gaming Controller for iOS7

i Mad Catz iOS 7 controller will be available during April 2014 and has been based on the MLG Pro Circuit Controller which the company originally

smart contact lens from Google to measure blood sugar

Smart contact lenses for diabetics to measure sugar levels in tears! Diabetics or diabetes patients need to check their glucose levels frequently, that involves painful pricking of a finger to do a blood test.

JAWBONE Mini Jambox

JAWBONE Mini-Lautsprecher blau Blau

JAWBONE MINI JAMBOX Wireless Speaker: Compatible with most Bluetooth-enabled mobile phones;