Oblivion - UI console

A look back at the cinematic inspirations in the Tom Cruise Science Fiction film Oblivion. Director Joseph Kosinski pays homage to A Space Odyssey, Star Wars, the Jetsons and many more.

Skyrim UI

The new installment of the Elder Scrolls - Skyrim . wonderfully rich RPG for consoles and PC

Oblivian Light Table

Vika's main display features a prominent map for guiding Jack, a section for monitoring the fuel and repair status of their various drones, a hydro rig monitor, and finally a section for maintaining communications with their headquarters, the Tet.

Oblivion UI Design by GMUNK  All Imagery Copyright© GMUNK 2013

The craft of screen graphics and movie user interfaces – interview with Joseph Chan · Pushing Pixels

Skyrim UI

Skyrim Rainmeter Skin by ~Axerron on deviantART