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A nice middleground between "screw this I'm not wearing ANY makeup today!" and "Woohoo we're going full drag makeup tonight!" Normally I love extremes--a bare face or an extravagant look.. but on my wedding day I want a look that is dressed up but classic and will stand the test of time.
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Der Beautyblender ist schon lange DER Geheimtipp von Make-up-Artists für einen makellosen Teint. Wir erklären, wie du ihn richtig verwendest ► auf!
11 Einfache Schritt Für Schritt Make Up Tutorials Für Anfänger //  #Anfänger #Einfache #für #Schritt #Tutorials
So funktioniert Contouring! Die How To Contouring Infografik erklärt den Schminktrend!
Buffing Brush, Fächer- oder Flat-Top-Pinsel - es gibt viele verschiedene Arten von Make-up-Pinseln. Doch welcher Pinsel ist wofür geeignet? Wir klären auf!  #gofeminin #makeupguide #makeup #beauty
How to Apply Eyeshadow - Eye Makeup Tips for Every by Eye Shape.  When it comes to lid looks, we all have the same goal: brighter, bigger, more awake eyes. Here, makeup pro Mia Silverio shows us how to. affiliate link

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#contouring #tutorial #german
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Brushes for Makeup
Cut-Creasing: Why You *Need* To Try This Beauty Hack
Welche Mascara-Bürste kann eigentlich was? Die großen Unterschiede der Wimperntuschen
Eyes are regarded as most beautiful feature of a person and they actually reflect one's personality and real self. A woman's and bag or purse is always full of essential products for makeup. Eye shadow, mascaras, eye iner are its essential parts. Every woman wants to enhance beauty of her eyes with perfect #EyeMakeup that can make her eyes look all-the-more impressive and beautiful.
Nice Colors
Este color azul le resalta perfecto a los ojos marrones claros y oscuros lucen hermosos.
Lulu * s Cómo hacer: 2015 NYFW Inspirado Tutorial de ojos de la sombra en!
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