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Briam: A delicious Greek vegetable bake. This popular veggie medley is traditionally eaten with feta, but it’s also awesome with pork chops - Jamie Magazine

Das Brot schmeckt saftig lecker und ist der perfekte Eiweißlieferant für Sportler. Außerdem erhaltet ihr einen Einblick in Jamie Olivers neuestes Kochbuch „Jamies Superfood für jeden Tag – Genial kochen, Gesund genießen, Glücklich sein“

Superfood-Proteinbrot nach Jamie Oliver: weizenfrei, glutenfrei und lecker

Jamie Oliver's Chicken in Milk, a recipe on Food52

Jamie Oliver's Chicken in Milk

Jamie Oliver's Chicken in Milk, a recipe on A one-pot technique for the most tender roast chicken and strangely appealing sauce. The lactic acid in milk makes meat especially tender and turns into an amazingly flavorful sauce.

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Black Forest Frozen Cheesecake - If we've kicked ass and our asses look good, we could treat ourselves to this!

Dairy free chocolate mousse

Dairy-free chocolate mousse

Dairy-free chocolate mousse - Jamie Oliver // I'll give it one last shot to make a chocolate avocado dessert.

Greek Spinach with White Beans and Feta - A Family Feast

Greek Spinach with White Beans and Feta

Greek Spinach with White Beans and Feta - A delicious, healthy and zesty side dish!

My first thought when I saw these beans on a menu in Italy was 'Beans on toast?' But then I tasted them. I felt pretty humbled that such a simple dish had been made to taste so gorgeous. Once you've learned how to season and cook them in the right way, you can apply the method to cannellini beans, butter beans, borlotti beans, haricots verts, lentils, even chickpeas. If you've grown your own beans, good on ya! Fresh ones will take about 45 minutes to cook, but you're more likely to get dried…

Humble home-cooked beans

Humble home-cooked beans on toast.Taste much better than it looks. I just use canned cannellini beans.

Aubergine Stew | Vegetables Recipes | Jamie Oliver Recipes

Incredible Sicilian aubergine stew (Caponata)

Kerryann’s chilli con veggie | Jamie Oliver | Food | Jamie Oliver (UK)

Kerryann’s chilli con veggie

Kerryann’s chilli con veggie A family favourite loaded with veg This easy veggie chilli recipe is full of good stuff and makes the perfect midweek vegetarian meal for the family