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This is why I'm a slytherin<<<<<I'm in ravenclaw but a lot of my friends are slytherin.

Related image<<this is why half of Slytherin has issues and bad people skills so we pretty much only stay in our little circles of Slytherin friends<<<I feel so sorry for you guys, you guys now have a Ravenclaw friend

"Slytherin - Sweater Weather" by waywardfandoms ❤ liked on Polyvore featuring Call it SPRING, Charlotte Russe, Forever 21, harrypotter and slytherin

"Slytherin - Sweater Weather" by waywardfandoms ❤ << Carry on my waywardsoooon, there'll be peace when you are doooone, lay your weary head to reeeest, don't you cry no moreeeee

That will be an amazing day

And then all my Hufflepuff memorabilia will be a sign of my intellect and not a cause for weird stares