Niklas Röder
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Empfohlenes @Behance-Projekt: „Kindness USA 2026“

Imagine a USA where everyone feels they belong to a society where people really care about each other. Imagine living and working in a kinder USA.-I was hired by Life Vest Inside to help to create an online campaign for the initiative Kind…

Empfohlenes @Behance-Projekt: „ Branding“

The basic idea was to make a visual identity that will unite (on the one hand complementary and on the other hand opposing) personalities of Drap agency.The logo is a compact typographic solution. It frames the playful line forms that fills its body.

Empfohlenes @Behance-Projekt: „Exploding organs“

Showcase and discover creative work on the world's leading online platform for creative industries.

Empfohlenes @Behance-Projekt: „Cime – Centro do Exercício“

A simple and inviting graphic on a gym wall. It adds a bit of life and vibrancy to an otherwise very drab room

Empfohlenes @Behance-Projekt: „F A L L . I N . L O U V E“

Amarok is a wolf center hosting fifty wolves in semi-freedom. The center aims to create a meeting between wolves and humans, to give everyone the opportunity to forge his own opinion on this misunderstood animal.

Empfohlenes @Behance-Projekt: „Farmaxpress“

Rebranding for Farmaxpress, a pharmacy based in Santo Domingo that provides fast health anywhere and anytime.