nervlich leisten können

Mich muss man sich nervlich erstmal leisten kö

Some fun stuff for you :) --> and they're wearing wedding riiings! just for you Gajevy shippers! =) you're welcome!

Did you see this?


Omg Sam and Freddie from iCarly! This love story was by far my favorite when I was little. :) When Carly kissed him on the last ever episode I was so ANNOYED! I mean I do love Carly so much but she did cross the line.

Gajeel x Levy

(Gajeel x Levy) correction to be jealous means you are afraid or terrified of someone taking something that is yours. The word they should of used is envious because to have envy is to want what is not yours.

the afterlife

(Open RP for the guy!) He lays his head on my stomach, "Matt! "But Lacey I wanna snuggle!" He says, I blush a little. We both liked each other but kept it hidden well.

„Darf ich dich mit Textmarker anmalen?“ „Wieso?“ „Weil du wichtig bist.“ #Flirtenkannich

😀😚 ich brings vllt nicht so toll hin aber ich würd mein Bestes geben😁💋