Kinderschokolade als Likör verarbeitet.


Oh mein Gott.ich bin im Himmel .,muss ich unbedingt ausprobieren :D

Oreo Likör Rezept - Likör selbermachen - Mädelsabend Rezepte

Oreo Likör - Leckerschmecker Mädelsabend

Erdbeer Rhabarber-Sirup

Strawberry and Rhubarb Syrup . mmm, my kids loved when we made rhubarb lemonade over and over last summer

Fruit and Herb Honey Syrups

Fruit & Herb Honey Syrups

diychristmascrafts: “ truebluemeandyou: “ DIY No Cook Fruit, Herb & Honey Syrup Recipes and Tutorial from The Yummy Life here. These are freezable and can be used in hot and cold tea, water, yogurt,.

DIY Extracts

DIY Homemade Extracts Will Save A Fortune

[ DIY Vanilla, Mint and Spearmint Extracts Recipe and How-To ] Made with vodka, vanilla beans, fresh spearmint, fresh mint. ~ from Kirbie Cravings

Sirup selber machen • Rezepte-Sammlung

I wish I could tell you how delicious this syrup turned out. It’s really simple to make (make simple syrup, throw in crushed strawberries and cook to reduce) and brings such excellent flavor …

Rhabarber - Vanille - Likör

Rhabarber - Vanille - Likör

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Eisbonbon Likör

Eisbonbon Likör

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Rezept Duplo Likör von Lockenrocken90 - Rezept der Kategorie Getränke

Duplo Likör

Rezept Duplo Likör von Lockenrocken90 - Rezept der Kategorie Getränke

Rezept Giotto Mandel Likör von 4ndymusic - Rezept der Kategorie Getränke

Giotto Mandel Likör

Haselnuss/Mandel - Sirup

Haselnuss - Sirup

Haselnuss - Sirup OK, but not strong enough to flavor coffee