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Chihuahua is the smallest among all existing dog breeds.They are also ranked as the longest living dog breeds.Chihuahuas may live up to 20 years or more and therefore are ranked as longest living among all AKC recognized dog breeds.

smiley, smiley :)

this will make you smile on a bad day for sure :) The face of pure joy, can you tell me that dogs dont have a personality after seeing this. Too Cute! ---- Love Your Chihuahua? Visit our website now!

Bengal Cat: If I get a cat it will be this kind. :)

I want one! type in Bengal cats for sale. Theyre usually about between Kinda pricey, but theyre larger than an average house cat. they come in lots of colors&


Gorgeous: Bengal cat is a hybrid breed of cat formed by cross of domestic feline & an Asian Leopard Cat. Ries wants a leopard