Nina C. Hasse

Nina C. Hasse
Reiselustige & katzennärrische Autorin von Steampunk-Krimis & Lektorin beim Lektorat Texteule. Debütroman: Ersticktes Matt - Ein Steampunk-Krimi aus den Floodl
Nina C. Hasse
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For the hair I used XGen and for the textiles Marvelous designer. Sofia is a very wise, old woman who may or may not have magical powers.

Palm reading, idea to inform print design. Fortune tellers and the mystery they bring.

What is Palmistry ? Palmistry is the ancient science and art of reading lines, size, shape of the hands and fingers. Palmistry has two Divisions the shape of the hand; and lines on the palm.

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Have a old rentable carousel for the reception. Would be cool for pictures for the bride and groom, and the families/kids would love it. MAybe they had their first date on a carousel like thingy

Central Park Spring | Spring in Central Park: Bethesda Terrace

Photo of Spring in Central Park: Bethesda Terrace

leighton gleicher - Google Search  the stairs near bethesda fountain..ny city

leighton gleicher - Google Search the stairs near bethesda fountain..ny city

J.-R. Lafayette - Simon Baker

The Mentalist is a successful crime television series, starring Simon Baker (Patrick Jane), Robin Tunney (Teresa Lisbon), Owain Yeoman (Wayne Rigsby), Tim Kang (Kimball Cho) & Amanda Righetti (Grace Van Pelt). Patrick Jane is an independant.

Beautiful military-inspired EGL dress from Taobao shop, Yolanda. (I heard their sizes run a little big but the quality is good.)

This Yolanda uniform style velvet lolita dress/outfit features the military style. The whole outfit is tailored by velvet with inside layer by polyester. This lolita outfit is for Autumn and Winter, with a big cape which is changeable.