oops - lost my head there for a moment - boy - beach - head - sand - shorts - smile

We should take a pic with roxanna like this!

this is awesome, wonder if you could do this with only two people, gonna have to try!

im nächsten urlaub...

Fun & Creative Ideas for Beach Pictures are such a fun way to enjoy the summer. It's nearly summertime, that means at least ONE trip to the beach, right?


I love this sunset silhouette photo idea. So cute for summer vacation with friends or family photo shoot on the beach!


20 Artsy Best Friend Pictures- definitely gonna have to do with L L Deason Newbill Newbill Hull Suiter Suiter Scripter Davison Davison Foster :)

Erstellen Sie zusammen mit den Kindern die tollsten Kreidebilder und Kunst! - DIY Bastelideen

carrieannemiranda com 1 9 creative sidewalk chalk photos by Maryana

Fotos mit erzwungenen Perspektiven - Anschauen und nachmachen...

Fotos mit erzwungenen Perspektiven – Anschauen und nachmachen…

Forced perspective is a technique that employs optical illusion to make an object appear farther away, closer, larger or smaller than it actually is.

Hochzeitsblog Hochzeitswahn – Sei Inspiriert!

Hochzeitsblog Hochzeitswahn – Sei Inspiriert!

Familien Hochzeitsfotos - witzige Hochzeitsbilder

Familien Hochzeitsbilder, die in keinem Album fehlen dürfen