use flower heads or leaves of different shapes as stamps to make cool watercolor style abstract flower print shapes on card , paper and fabric- great for all sorts of art and crafts

Stoff ganz leicht selbst bestempeln! #DIY

Use an empty toilet paper roll to print your very own fabric! Painted dots from an empty toilet paper tube. The possibilities are endless! Maybe green and red dots on a lovely burlap for a Christmas table runner? Or blue and silver?

Tolle Idee und einfach umzusetzen: Geschenke mit Kartoffelprint verschönern :)

Watermelon Wrapping Paper

The best DIY projects & DIY ideas and tutorials: sewing, paper craft, DIY. Diy Crafts Ideas DIY watermelon print wrapping paper using a potato wedge. Would also be a great craft for the littles!

Punktstempel aus Floie über Papprolle

fun and easy crafts made out of bubble wrap! This is awesome! Would be so cute on plain white wrapping paper.

steps to making a soft blue sky background - tutorial - bjl

steps to making a soft blue sky background - tutorial - bjl. The cloud template is made with a Taylored Expressions die.

Kartoffelstempel, genial einfach

Potato stamp: Place the cookie cutter on a table, cutting side up. Center the potato over the cutter and press the cutter at about inch into the potato. Cut the excess potato flesh with a kitchen knife away from the cookie cutter & pull cookie cutter out.

Ya use esta idea para una carta de mi novio y quedo hermosa!

Weihnachtsgeschenkideen für Oma und Opa

DIY Kartoffelstempel Ananas Motiv. Mit Kindern basteln oder zum Kindergeburtstag. *** Pineapple Potato Stamps

Last week, my daughter and I revisited the old potato stamping, and took it to the next level. These gorgeous pineapple potato stamps took no time to make.

Ooooh! Paint a leaf with rainbow colors and just press and peel onto a paper. Instant rainbow tree!

Creative crafts for kids of all ages: Leaf printing. Just paint on a rainbow design of a tree on a leaf and use as a stamp.

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Bald passiert hier wieder mehr...ein bisschen Kartoffeldruck gibt es aber jetzt schon

Homemade stamp made from a potato. I actually learned this as a kid from watching the Care Bears