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cabled vest/cowl - *Inspiration* this one is knit but you could easily crochet this so pull out your favorite scarf pattern and get to crocheting. You may need to adjust the width of the scarf. Once your scarf is long enough, wrap it around yourse.

stricken-anleitung-haengebeutle LOVE

Hängebeutel stricken - mit kostenloser Anleitung

Free knitting pattern for Toy Hideaway Hanging Bag - This adorable pattern is knit in garter stitch and folded around a stick or a branch. The pattern is in German but you can translate by opening the page in the Chrome browser, right clicking on the text

gestrickte Kordel - sehr einfach(!)

I-Cord - Knitting Tutorials: Advanced Techniques - Knitting Crochet Sewing Embroidery Crafts Patterns and Ideas!

The Smock Stitch Crochet Tutorial

The Smock Stitch Crochet Tutorial

This is one more lovely stitch tutorial for you my dear crocheters. If you have a desire to improve our skills and increase imagination, you …

DIY Rainbow Knitted Socks - I highly doubt i can or will even attempt to do this project. I just love the colors! :)

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Parmaksız Örgü Eldiven Modelleri ,  #FingerlessGloves #fingerlessmittens #kolaörülenparmaksızeldiven #örgüeldivenmodelleriveyapılışları , Eldiven modelleri örmek için model arayanlara çok güzel örnekler hazırladık. Bu modeller parmaksız. Galeri içinde kolay eldiven yapımı mode...

Parmaksız Örgü Eldiven Modelleri

Dark oxford grey hand knit fingerless sleeve gloves from The Beachcomber Studio. Love the button detail.

Pullover | kostenlose Strickanleitung | Big Wool | grosse Maschen | schnell gestrickt

Pullover | kostenlose Strickanleitung | Big Wool | grosse Maschen | schnell gestrickt