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I know this isn't a mermaid, but I have dreams like this ALL THE TIME, where my house fills up with water and I swim to the ceiling and stuff. Love this picture.

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Prettiest Doors in London

The prettiest houses in London! This colourful door in Pimlico is just one example of the lovely houses in the city.

vosgesparis: A second life for my IKEA Besta cabinets | My home

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Yardhouse / Assemble facade : clad in decorative concrete tiles handmade on site #fachadas #facades

Yardhouse / Assemble

Handmade concrete tiles give a scaly facade to this collaborative workplace building designed by Assemble for artists and designers in east London. - Colourful shingles front Assemble's Yardhouse studios for east London creatives

20 Examples Of Minimal Interior Design #23 - UltraLinx

20 Examples Of Minimal Interior Design #23

Mannequin heads only as bodies got damaged (Paris Flea Market) = can you imagine being the night security guard here ? He has to use the minimal light from his low powered torch to walks round here in almost pitch black darkness, with just the faces staring back as the torch illuminates where he patrols !! -★-

Bounch of heads, Paris Flea Market - Carefully selected by GORGONIA www.


The trick to this inventive door decor is hiding inside — each tulip stem is in it own individual test tube filled with water, so they stay lively longer.

Blumenampel, Blumentasse, Vintage Tasse für Blumen, Blumentopf, Garten Deko / hanging basket, flowerpot made of a mug, garden decoration made by Der AtelierLaden by Annette Diepolder via

(Garten)Dekoration - Sammeltasse neu interpretiert

adam hale aka mr.splice | Installation & Assemblage | Pinterest

Ok, there are a couple of things you need to know about me… I love collage, and I have a weird fascination with Queen Elizabeth. So yes, I fell in love as soon as I saw this work by London based artis

Marisa: Esta es una muy ingeniosa de representar la navidad, aunque no se muestren los productos que se pueden encontrar en el interior. A veces no es necesario mostrarlo y dejar la intriga al comprador.

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