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Out of the Schedule I was feeling nostalgic for the last couple of days about my edgy and stupid memories of CreepyPasta and Cringy thing that I did with it, no you won't get any Jeff the killer fa.

Masky by Morbi7 on DeviantArt

》Creepypastas The Type of Boyfriends.《 - Masky The Type of Boyfriend.

You know, I think LMFAO just does it on purpose, making their lyrics easy to… slenderfy. The last I drew Dancing Slendy was . I'm Slendy and I Know It

A Band To Die For by scaredy--cat on DeviantArt

quite literally. I don't think Jeff understands the concept of 'not dramatic'. --------- I just spent around 8 hours in a drawing marathon for this t. A Band To Die For